by Tropic Roots

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Iv'e had 10 friends now that have gone out to suicide and it had really effected my life. This is my pledge to myself to not ever let this world beat me and bring me down.


I will not, go out like that
yer i will go out kicking and screaming, fighting for what i believe in

10 of my friends now have all gone out to suicide
no i won't got out like oh no i won't amount to that
10 years down the track I'd rather have em by my side
but its a bit to late for that, i love them all and thats a fact
I wish i could bring em all back
like a boomerang ill be there ready to catch
You've seen the sun, you're ready to run and you've struck your match
now everything around you is abut to go BOOM!
and when you leave, you leave a gap thats bigger than the room

Pre chorus
I know you've been there and you won't be coming back
don't let em bend and bend and break your back

Verse 2
I must admit, yer i had to try and fight it
the feeling of society pushing in from all sides and the
constant pressure, you feel it more then ever
searching for perfection in the places that will never
be in your reach, your out of luck, your into deep, you fucked it up
im sorry but its time you have to give it up
you've come too far now and you don't wana turn
but understand man you gotta have a plan of attack ha


released December 2, 2016
Written by Sam Howe
Performed by Tropic Roots



all rights reserved


Tropic Roots Cairns, Australia

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